January, 2012


Take My Trini Lime with you!

Want your Carnival listing on the go? Want to search for Machel, Bunji, Destra or Rikki Jai? Want to search for whats happening in  your area? Then download the My Trini Lime Apps for iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android: Android app: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.appbuilder.u52872p102293   iPhone app TT Store: http://itunes.apple.com/tt/app/my-trini-lime/id492814203?mt=8  iPhone app US Store: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/my-trini-lime/id492814203?mt=8   Keep Limin’ From the My Trini Lime family

We movin’ up in the Trinidad and Tobago App Store!

Limers! Yuh comin’ hard in de Apple iPhone App Store! As of the 21st of January 2012, we at number #4 in Entertainment and #8 overall! Excitement in de place! Keep spreadin’ de word about the apps: iPhone US Store iPhone TT Store We on Android too!   Keep Limin’ From the My Trini Lime family      

Overtime – Live NOW!!!

Hey people 3Canal is on stage now in Queen’s Hall and you can see it live NOW on Overtimett.com What a great way to spend the Friday if yuh in the cold!

Under the Trees – The Normandie Hotel

So Hotel Normandie released their Under the Trees Schedule.  We have had some requests and searches for it so it looks like it was eagerly anticipated! The Legends on Feb 17 looks amazing!  Or David Rudder Stalin AND Shadow on Feb 15, ah weak!

Fire Fete live coverage

Boom Champions 94.1 is giving live coverage of fetes as well this year!  Their feed is CLEAN!  BOOM! Iwer sounded great as usual     They have a whole hour of Bunji and the crew at Fire as well.  When I see this it reminds me of how good our artistes are on stage!     Keep liming From the My Trini Lime Family  

Yeah! 2012 Live performances

Oi the bands mashing up de place for 2012.  Triniscene streaming some of the fetes live!  These videos are from Yeah! 2012.  Were you there?! Kes   Machel   Hmm Machel pushing Pump yuh flag for Road March.   Don’t know about you guys but I ready to fete!  

Online launch – Mighty Shadow

 It was wonderful to see that The Mighty Shadow is going to be launching his 2012 album online!  trinicrossroads.com is going to be letting everyone login on Friday at 6pm to see the launch.  Absolutely love this approach I hope it all works out!    

iOS app now ready! – My Trini Lime

Whoo hoo! The iOS app was approved yesterday. iPhone, iPad, iPod check out the app here http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/my-trini-lime/id492814203?mt=8 Getting some great feedback from you guys! Thanks and keep liming!

All Rounder – Garlic Sauce on You Tube

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Bunji Garlin

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