December, 2012


Island People’s “Yeah! 2013” has been cancelled

According to Island People’s Facebook Page: “Hey IPeeps, Every few years we are faced with this scenario where we (as producers) and you (as party people) have to juggle all the Christmas and New Year’s festivities, before diving straight into a super short carnival season. We conceptualized this wicked theme “Out of this World” and planned to blow minds with great theatrics, an explosive production and the usual hyped-vibes IP has brought you over the YEAHS, but as the case 4 years ago, the logistics to do this within theRead More

Iwer George in concert!

Iwer George the man himself is saying that on Carnival Wednesday he is going to be coming with his own concert!  Iwer Wednesday!!  Yuh in dat?

Kes the Band 2013 – Live yuh life Like yuh Playing Mas

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