The Man behind the Soca Parang RODRIGO – Francois Ottley!

Rodrigo - Francois Ottley
The Man behind the Soca Parang RODRIGO – Francois Ottley!
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My Trini Lime had the pleasure of interviewing Francois Ottley!  The man behind the Soca Parang, Rodrigo!


On behalf of My Trini Lime thank you for granting this interview. Is this your first soca parang?

The pleasure is mine to be interviewed by My Trini Lime . I like the work I’ve seen so far. Yes, this is my first soca parang song.


What made you get into this arena?

I decided to do a soca parang because I had been having song ideas for some years but the timing was never right because of work or the commitments.


How did you come up with the idea for Rodrigo?

This year, I had written another soca parang but I didn’t feel that it had all the elements to entertain an audience. So I decided to challenge myself again and while I was at work one day the concept for Rodrigo came to me and I started writing it and developing melody then and there.


I understand you usually do extempo and calypso in addition to soca parang. Of the three, which genre do you prefer?

Having now tried all genres, extempo is my favourite. I believe its a clear gift from God. I’ve competed in extempo since I was 19 while still at Secondary School. I have sung calypso and been successful. But extempo is my first love. It was in the extempo arena that I met Rodrigo’s producer, The Incredible Myron B.


How can people link up with you to book you for events?

To contact me I can be reached by visiting and liking  (lol):

The Francois Ottley – Entertainer Page on facebook at

My manager can be reached via 761-3975 and


Anything you would like your fans to know?

I’d like my fans to join me as I continue learn grow as an artiste. I also want to express heartfelt thanks for the love and support of my family and friends. Last but by no means least,  a special gracias to the team at My Trini Lime for giving me the exposure.


Thank you Francois!  We look forward to hearing more from you in the future.  We know a video is going to be dropping soon, we can’t wait to see it!! Have a Great Season!!!




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