Erphaan Alves – Overdue 

Ephraan Alves - Overdue
Erphaan Alves – Overdue 
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People love the smooth sound of this one! Erphaan Alves – Overdue 


OVERDUE Lyrics by Erphaan Alves [Soca2018]


You give me somen I need yeah
You give me somen I plead yeah
You give me somen I crave ohh I really need you too

I really wanna feel great now
So let me have my way now
Know I’m never gonna leave
Cuz Im so invested in you

Cuz I really feel a vibe
Every time we settle right down, have nobody like this
Man it ha nothing like this
And It have nothing like you
Nothing and nobody like you

And every single time we touch
Know I never wanna stop
Because I always wanna let you know that I love you so much
It have nobody like you
Nothing and nobody like you

Make me ball out oh oh oh, oh oh oh, oh oh oh
Long time this ah over due
Long time this ah overdue

Because yuh special to me yeah
Special to me yeah
Very special
Very Special
Wo oh oh
Because yuh Special to me yeah me yeah me-e yeah
Very special
Very special
Wo oh ohhh (I need you)

Like the sunlight
And the rain fall
Like the day time
And the night come
I’ll be sure now
Bound to come back
Please don’t fall off
Don’t break my heart

Like the moon now
And the star shine
Give me all now
Not a fraction
Get to the point now
So just full stop
Till the last beat
And me heart stop


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