Carnival Fetes with Kes and Machel 2018

Machel and Kes
Carnival Fetes with Kes and Machel 2018
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Admit it you really want to know which fetes have both Machel and Kes!

Check it below!! If you think we are missing any let us know below!!!


DateFeteKes the BandMachel Montano
13/1/2018SOCA with HOBA 2018Yes 
13/1/2018Stumped Yes
14/1/2018*UWI Fete 2018: The Secret GardenYesYes
20/1/2018*Fete with the SaintsYesYes
21/1/2018Prestige 8Yes 
21/1/2018Soaka Till Sunrise Yes
26/1/2018Ladies Night OutYes 
27/1/2018QRC Fete Royale 2018Yes 
27/1/2018Soca in D Drome Yes
27/1/2018I Love Choka Yes 
2/2/2018*Army Fete 2018YesYes
3/2/2018Victoria Gardens BloccoYes 
4/2/2018People with ClassYes 
5/2/2018Machel Monday Yes
6/2/2018Tuesday on the Rocks 5Yes 
8/2/2018C’est La Vie All InclusiveYes 
8/2/2018*Tribe IgniteYesYes
9/2/2018Party in ParadiseYes 
9/2/18Revel Nation Yes
10/2/18Endless SocaYes 
10/2/2018*Jamboree FeteYesYes
10/2/2018Ultimate One Yes
10/2/2018Yumavibe Saturday Yes
11/2/2018Brian Lara All InclusiveYes 
11/2/2018Bacchanal Blocko Yes
17/2/2018Call to Paradise Yes
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