Bail Out

Bail Out

Date/Time 22 Feb 2013 8:30 pm

Location: Queen's Hall

Price (TTD): $150 to $200


Bailout Flyer
Bailout Flyer

RS and RR Productions, the company behind such acclaimed theatrical hits as De Biggest Maco, Men Are Dogs, Love Thy Neighbour and Eat Ah Food say, “this one going and fog up the place.”

Their first play for the 2013 play is Bailout is written by Ricardo Samuel who last year brought audiences Eat Ah Food.

What happens in big financial establishments? How are decisions made in the board room? At the board room table; under it; or on top of it? Can you imagine the wheeling and dealing that affects people’s money? The political contributions and favours in return? And of course illicit relationships. Is anybody minding the store? Is anybody actually watching people’s investments?

The bacchanal plays out in one of the largest insurance firms and associated companies in Trinidad and Tobago.

Find out about the hilarious activities of the chairman, Mr Dudley, his right hand man Mr Mottley, their women and of course a well-paid spiritual adviser by the name of Mother Bernice.

Mix in a very inquisitive investigator by the name of Fifi and the sexy corporate secretary who has million dollar cheques in her drawers.

The bacchanal never stops, but, of course Bailout is a story of fiction; this kind of unfolding corruption and “comess” could never be based on anything true… or could it?

Bailout is directed by the award winning Richard Ragoobarsingh and features a stellar cast which includes award winning actors Debra Boucaud Mason, Glenn Davis, Richard Ragoobarsingh, Clifford Learmond, Leslie Ann Lavine, Ria Ali, Roger Dickie and Deryck Kistow.

Bailout premieres at Queen’s Hall on Friday February 22 runs for three nights. Showtime Friday and Saturday is 8.30 pm and Sunday, 6.30 pm.

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