Hey Limers!


We all want to know where to lime!


If, for some inexplicable reason you don’t know what “to lime” means, be educated my friend:


origin: Trinidadian


(v) hanging out/socialising in an informal relaxing environment,
especially with friends, for example at a party, or on the beach.

(n) an event at which liming takes place, e.g. a party. A gathering
of people engaged in activities associated with liming. Often qualified
using an adjective e.g. big lime.

(v) We liming on the beach today(n) That party going to turn out to be a big lime.

(Source Urbandictionary.com)

So we decided to create an app and site for you to search the events and fetes in Trinidad and submit your own events. Have fun selecting where to lime and see you  center and frontstage!


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