Road March Winners Over the Years


We have had some epic races over the years for the Road March title.

Road March is the song which is played the most number of times at the judging points during Carnival.

I was surprised that only thirteen people have won more than one Road March title.


Persons who won more than one Road March

Note since Blue Boy changed his name to Super Blue I counted him as the same person.

Kitchener is still the Road March King! 

Super Blue10
Machel Montano10
King Radio3
Fay-Ann Lyons3
Shurwayne Winchester2
Calypso Rose2
Spit Fire2

All Road March Winners

2019Bunji Garlin, Machel Montano and Skinny Fabulous“Famalay”
2018 Machel Montano feat Super Blue“Soca Kingdom”
2017Ultimate Rejects featuring MX Prime“Full Extreme”
2016Machel Montano“Waiting on the Stage”
2015Machel Montano“Like Ah Boss”
2014Machel Montano“Ministry of Road (MOR)”
2013Superblue“Fantastic Friday”
2012Machel Montano“Pump Yuh Flag”
2011Machel Montano“Advantage”
2010JW & Blaze“Palance”
2009Fay-Ann Lyons“Meet Super Blue”
2008Fay-Ann Lyons“Get On”
2007Machel Montano“Jumbie”
2006Machel Montano and Patrice Roberts“Band of De Year”
2005Shurwayne Winchester“Dead or Alive”
2004Shurwayne Winchester“Look De Band Comin'”
2003Fay-Ann Lyons“Display”
2002Naya George“Trinidad”
2001Shadow aka Mighty Shadow“Stranger”
2000(TIE)Superblue / Iwer George“Pump Up” / “Carnival Come Back Again”
1999Sanelle Dempster“River”
1998Wayne Rodriguez“Footsteps”
1997Machel Montano“Big Truck”
1996Nigel Lewis“Movin'”
1995Super Blue“Signal to Lara”
1994Preacher“Jump and Wave”
1993Super Blue“Bacchanal Time”
1992Super Blue“Jab Jab”
1991Super Blue (formerly Blue Boy)“Get Something and Wave”
1990Tambu“We Ain’t Going Home”
1989Tambu“Free Up”
1988Tambu“This Party Is It”
1987Mighty Duke“Thunder”
1986David Rudder“Bahia Girl”
1984Sparrow“Doh Back Back”
1983Blue Boy“Rebecca”
1981Blue Boy“Ethel”
1980Blue Boy“Soca Baptist”
1979Poser“A Tell She (Smoke Ah Watty)”
1978Calypso Rose“Come Leh We Jam (Soca Jam)”
1977Calypso Rose“Give More Tempo”
1976Kitchener“Flag Woman”
1975Kitchener“Tribute to Winston Spree”
1974Shadow“Bass Man”
1972Sparrow“Drunk and Disorderly”
1971Kitchener“Madison Square Garden”
1969Sparrow“Sa Sa Yea”
1968Kitchener“Miss Tourist”
1967Kitchener“Sixty Seven”
1966Sparrow“Obeah Wedding”
1965Kitchener“My Pussin”
1964Kitchener“This is Mas”
1963Kitchener“The Road”
1961Sparrow“Royal Jail”
1960Sparrow“Mae Mae”
1959Caruso“Run the Gunslingers”
1958Sparrow“Pay As You Earn”
1957Lord Christo / Nap Hepburn“Chicken Chest” / “Doctor Nelson”
1956Sparrow“Jean and Dinah”
1955Obernkirchen Children’s Choir“The Happy Wanderer” (Pop song)
1954Blakie“Steel Band Clash”
1953Vivian Comma / Spit Fire“Madeline Oye” / “Bow Wow Wow”
1952Spit Fire“Post, Post Another Letter For Thelma
1951Terror“Tiny Davis”
1950Killer“In a Calabash”
1949Wonder“Ramgoat Baptism”
1948Lord Melody“Canaan Barrow”
1947King Pharaoh“Portuguese Dance (Vishki Vashki Voo)”
1946Kitchener“Jump in the Line”
1945World War II (No Official Carnival): Lion“All Day All Night, Mary-Ann”
1944World War II (No Official Carnival):King Radio“Brown Skin Girl”
1943World War II (No Official Carnival): Invader“Rum & Coca Cola”
1942World War II (No Official Carnival): Kitchener“Lai Fook Lee”
1941Lion“Whoopsin Whoopsin”
1940Beginner“Run Yuh Run”
1939King Radio“Mathilda”
1938Lion“No Norah Darling”
1937Lion“Netty Netty”
1936Lion“Advantage Could Never Done”
1935Lion“Dingolay Oy”
1934Railway Douglas“After Johnny Drink Me Rum”
1933King Radio“Wash Pan Wash”
1932King Radio“Tiger Tom Play Tiger Cat”
1931King Houdini“Mr. Huggins”
1930Inveigler“Captain Cipriani”

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